Murder by Magic Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

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Murder by Magic Murder Mystery Game

A murder mystery game for 8 players (Age 13+)

Lord David Coppertone was hosting the annual convention of the Magic Ring in his new home, Magic Mansion, which is being attended by the world’s top magicians, conjurers, illusionists, escapologists and mystics. Lord Coppertone performs his most dangerous of stunts to escape from the medieval Iron Maiden torture chamber. However all did not go according to plan and Lord David fails to make the great escape. Host your own party and discover who conjured up the cunning plan…. Or is it just an illusion?

The suspects are:

  • HUGH D KNEE – World famous American escapologist – He enjoys the most awkward positions!
  • KRISTAL BALL – Swedish fortune teller – She’s got her own but she likes to stroke everyone else’s
  • WILLIE WAKEUP – Famous German hypnotist – You vill do as I say!
  • CLAIR VOYANT – French medium and Tarot Card reader – She’s a little on the dry side but has a full body and a wonderful aroma!
  • LUIGI BOARD – Italian master of the occult – He usually talks a load of Bologna!
  • SHEEZAR VENTRILOQUIST – Australian Ventriloquist – Her dummy is a Little Dickie!
  • ROLAND BUTTER – Waiter and butler to Lord David – Spreads well when not too hard!
  • MADJ IKAL – Russian lady magician – She’s willing to turn a few tricks!
  • Now featuring an audio introduction as mp3 file

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    (Note. This game has formerly been on sale in the UK in boxed form)

    Contents of the game

    Section A

  • ‘How To Run’ instructions
  • Introduction/Group Clues

    Section B

  • Player invitations
  • Ideas for costumes

    Section C

  • Player slips

    Section D

  • Player clues

    Section E

  • Accusation list
  • Solution to the mystery

    Section F

  • Labels

    You will need Paper (A4 or similar), scissors and envelopes (minimum size 22cm by 13cm)

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    This game is copyrighted by Mystery Writers Ltd: Registered in England number 4551456

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