Summoned: A Supernatural Murder Mystery Game (Teen Girl)


Murder Mystery Game - SUMMONED: A SUPERNATURAL MURDER MYSTERY (6 to 10 adult teen girl players) Downloadable

You have been summoned to the dungeon at Doom Castle by Lord Harbinger of Doom, the famous summoner and demon slayer. You are powerless to resist as his summoning spell is very strong. Who knows what the evening will hold.

The guests will include:

  • Willie Survive
  • Dee Monn
  • V. R. Woolf
  • Countess Bathory
  • Countess Dracula
  • Belladonna Erotica
  • Jill Utine
  • Nefertiti
  • Jacq the Ripper
  • Lucy Fur

    Lord Harbinger of Doom has spent many years as a demon slayer, fighting evil spirits who have crossed into the human world. He recently found an ancient spell in the Book of Evil which will allow him to actually summon evil spirits to earth. He has an unpleasant surprise waiting in the Dungeon for any evil spirits that answer his summons. Join Lord Harbinger and his assistant Willie Survive as they prepare for possibly the last battle of their lives.

    Contents of the game

    Section A

  • ‘How To Run’ instructions
  • Introduction/Group Clues

    Section B

  • Player invitations
  • Ideas for costumes

    Section C

  • Player slips

    Section D

  • Player clues

    Section E

  • Accusation list
  • Solution to the mystery

    Section F

  • Labels

    You will need Paper (A4 or similar), scissors and envelopes (minimum size 22cm by 13cm)

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    This game is copyrighted by Mystery Writers Ltd: Registered in England number 4551456

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