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OPERATION MURDER (12 - 14 adult players)

Suitable for players aged 18 years and over.

Killem Hall Hospital is pleased to invite you to a party to celebrate the opening of the new ‘Snife Wing’. The new wing will be formally opened by the chief executive of Killem Hall Primary Care Trust, our own Sir John Snife.

Joining Sir John at the Party will be:

  • Dee Spence – Pharmacist (She’s got a pill for everything)
  • Mal Practice –Surgeon (No nurse, I said “prick his boil”)
  • Ann T Septic – Nurse (She’s squeaky clean, not!)
  • Aachen Head – Doctor (Don’t worry about that case of VD, I’ll drink anything)
  • Drew Blood – Nurse (That’s a whole armful)
  • Ray D O’Grapher – X-Ray Operator (He’ll see right through you)
  • Sister Sledge – Matron (Ooooh Matron)
  • Willie Everwake – Anaesthetist (You’ll come round to his way of thinking)
  • Cilla Con – Plastic Surgeon (They can’t afford a real one)
  • Lance Boyles – Consultant (I guess it doesn’t matter any more)
  • Emma Roids – Nurse (She’s a right pain in the backside)
  • Ammin Trubbel – Doctor (Goodness Gracious Me)
  • Carrie Patients – Porter (She’ll pick anybody up)
  • Parry Medic – Ambulance Driver (You can play with his Ding-a-ling)


    It is thanks to Sir John’s efforts that the new wing, which bears his name, has been built. Ever since he was promoted from head surgeon to chief executive he has gone through the whole hospital to weed out the inefficiencies and irregularities. It is the savings that he has achieved and promised that have enabled us to finance the project.

    Sir John himself is our guest of honour and, after the opening ceremony, he will treat us to some of his witty after-dinner stories on the subject ’Under the surgeon’s knife with Sir John Snife’.

    Contents of the game

    Section A

  • ‘How To Run’ instructions
  • Introduction/Group Clues
  • Police Bulletin

    Section B

  • Player invitations
  • Ideas for costumes

    Section C

  • Player slips

    Section D

  • Player clues

    Section E

  • Accusation list
  • Solution to the mystery

    Section F

  • Labels

    Section G

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    You will need Paper (A4 or similar), scissors and envelopes (minimum size 22cm by 13cm)

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    This game is copyrighted by Mystery Writers Ltd: Registered in England number 4551456

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