Murder on Treasure Island (Teen ) Murder Mystery Game

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Suitable for players aged 13 years and over.

PLEASE NOTE: This is a TEEN version of this game.

Ye be invited on an exciting treasure hunt to be searchin’ for Captain Morgan’s hidden treasure. Jack Parrot, Captain of the Black Diamond, be ownin’ a treasure map which be showin’ the location of the gold, silver and precious jewels. Owin’ to a slight shortage of funds, Jack be offerin’ a few lucky investors the chance to be buyin’ a piece of the map and to be comin’ on the voyage.

Joinin’ Jack on the ship will be:

  • Long Jane Silver - One legged pirate
  • Kim Hawkins - Cabin boy
  • Blackbeard - Fearsome pirate
  • Girl Friday - Shipwrecked girl
  • Captain Hook - Hook handed pirate
  • Elizabeth Goose - Governor's daughter
  • Ben Gone - Marooned sailor
  • Nell Bird - Investor and tavern owner
  • Captain Kidd - Pirate
  • Ann Bonney - Pirate

    If ye be valuin’ yer mortal life don’t be forgettin’ yer piece of the treasure map.

    Contents of the game

    Section A

  • ‘How To Run’ instructions
  • Introduction/Group clues

    Section B

  • Player invitations
  • Ideas for costumes
  • Treasure Map

    Section C

  • Player slips

    Section D

  • Player clues

    Section E

  • Accusation list
  • Solution to the mystery

    Section F

  • Labels

    You will need Paper (A4 or similar), scissors and envelopes (minimum size 22cm by 13cm)

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    This game is copyrighted by Mystery Writers Ltd: Registered in England number 4551456

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