Colorado Bones and the Temple of Death Murder Mystery Game


Colorado Bones and the Temple of Death Downloadable Murder Mystery Game

This game is suitable for players aged 13 years and over.

The year is 1935 and in the steamy jungles of Guatemala a thrilling race is on. Rival archaeologists, Colorado Bones and Art E. Fax, have been getting closer to the hidden location of chubbychuppa, the legendary Mayan statue. They are being followed by a number of other archaeologists and treasure hunters, all with the same objective, to find the statue. The statue, made from jade with crystal eyes, is over 1300 years old and dates back to the Classic Mayan period of history. The story of Chubbychuppa is described in the Hamburg Codex, an ancient Mayan document only recently deciphered. Ownership of the statue is said to give enormous powers to the owner. However the Codex also warns that to seek the statue without a true heart will be fatal. Who will win the race for the statue and will the winner and loser survive.

Guests include:

  • Colorado Bones - Archaeologist
  • Tara Craft - Colorado's Girlfriend
  • Harry Glyphics - University Lecturer
  • Crystal Skul - Mayan Expert
  • Sett Von Trapp - Military Collector
  • Ann O’Domini - Historian
  • Ed Mann - Local Tribesman
  • Dee Capitated - Tomb Trap Expert
  • Doug Deep - Australian Archaeologist
  • Concila Munez - Local Government Official

    Contents of the game

    Section A

  • How To Run’ instructions
  • Game Timetable
  • Round instructions and Riddles

    Section B

  • Player invitations
  • Ideas for costumes

    Section C

  • Player slips

    Section D

  • Player clues

    Section E

  • Labels

    You will need Paper (A4 or similar), scissors and envelopes (minimum size 22cm by 13cm)

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